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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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In my dreams :

I live on a lake in a humble house that is perpetually dirty + perpetually full of family.
There's a giant yard, littered with bikes and towels and sandals and soccer balls, where everyone gathers on Fourth of July to watch fireworks + a fire pit where the art of s'more making is perfected. There are hiking trails surrounding my house + my kids occupy them weekly with their friends and four-wheelers. There's an outdoor fridge stocked with icy Diet Cokes + popsicles + fresh strawberries. My skin is tanned + freckled + Jeff wears a lot of flannels and grows his beard out.
Also there's a Sonic/Target within walking distance.
And great cell reception.
And the Kardashians are still a thing.
And my parents + siblings live down the street + we go for long walks
every morning + they never EVER get sick of it.
And I have a set of twin boys + like, 11 other moderately behaved
children who find me SO FUNNY + slow clap every time I walk in a room.



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