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Sunday, December 21, 2014

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Woof! Finals are over (for Jeff. I'm currently enrolled in The School of Life...or something, ha) + I am finally seeing Jeff for more than two minutes every morning. We are up in Idaho for the holidays + have been thoroughly soaking up the free time, homemade cookies + cable.

Whenever we are in Moscow, I am reminded just how sweet this little small town of mine is...and become obsessed with making Jeff fall in love with it. Ha. I waltz him around to all my favorite places in town + act like I am working on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland - "Now if you look to your left, we have the Co-Op with the yummiest pesto rolls + DID YOU KNOW Josh Ritter is from Moscow? And the kid in Super8? And Josh Peck was spotted in our Starbucks once?"

It's all very animated.

(when my dad saw the above picture he was relieved that I didn't actually take a picture while the play was going on then when we saw the bottom picture, he sighed in disappointment. Woops.)
Anyways, since we have been here, we have eaten at the Bagel Shop (Jeff rated it a perfect ten -- WHAT?!) + Mikey's Gyros (order the SubLamb with Leapin' Lizard sauce...so, so good), seen the Christmas Carol at the University, watched It's a Wonderful Life in the cutest movie house, and banked far too many hours doing puzzles. No. But seriously. At this very moment, Jeff is upstairs doing a puzzle with my grandma + parents. 

Now time for SNL. Because CABLE. Also One Direction.
It's fine.
We're fine.

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