2 people at Applebee's who don't really want to be at Applebee's...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Last Saturday, Jeff picked me up after a particularly grueling shift at work (how grueling can retail be, you ask? You haven't seen how badly thirteen year olds can destroy a dressing room, have you?! Have mercy!) + declared it was time to eat dinner.

"How about Chinese?"
"Or burgers? I'm in the mood for a burger."
"Maybe Thai food?"
"What about Cheesecake Factory?"
"...I hear there's a yummy Mexican restaurant downtown..."

...this continued for five minutes until we looked across 
the street and saw Applebee's.


It was a booty call of sorts. Convenient. Open. Ten feet away.
The food was...Applebee's + our waiter told us he thought the 
Frugal Gourmet was a pedophile + we just scratched our heads and ate.

Applebee's, guys.


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