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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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i've been really into gossip girl lately -- i know, i know. i was a naysayer for years and wouldn't even give it a chance. mostly because every time my morgan friend described it to me she'd say it was, "just a show about super rich teenagers in new york with all this drama. they're really well-dressed. and there's a gossip column that..." she'd trail off and i'd roll my eyes. but i finally bit in. AMAZE you guys, amaze. doesn't this picture just ooze blair, chuck, and serena? the answer is yes. 

per always, we all gathered at spaghetti factory for dinner. what is it with that place? the balloon man was there (who is in the mormon tabernacle choir, wouldn't you know? my sister spotted him at conference over. and over. and over again!) and the requests were a dslr camera, a baby, and warm and hunky man arms to keep me warm at night. thank you balloon man! you make dreams come true!

i suffer from sun-dependency but the gray of this weekend...i swoon. all i wanted to do was curl up with my family and stuff my face with food. oh wait, i did that?
what is happening with my hair? no matter. i love this boy. my family describes jeff as just happy to be there and he is. he is such a breeze to be around and actually somewhat keeps up with our fast-paced conversations spoken at gilmore girl speed. mushy time over.

conference! i am fed. i am fed. i am fed.

my girls. at communal. stuffing our faces. 

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this weekend left me so undoubtedly grateful. grateful to have a sister + mama who are my friends and who i can talk to about anything and everything and, most usually, nothing at all. grateful to have a jeffrey who works so, so hard and is so, so fun to be around. grateful for good food and good long walks. grateful for the inspired guidance from our leaders that made me feel like i am doing okay...yet gave me that kick in the rear i have been needing. 

on another note, what was with those pepto bismol pink dresses the motab wore?! and chuck + blair forever.

 that's all. 


  1. Your blog is so cute! And so are you!! By the way, you can totally pull off the maxi dress...I'm jealous.




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