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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

spoiler: she survives!

at approximately six forty seven yesterday i was napping. cold, hard, and dead. i woke up to my phone ringing (right under my head, mind you. why do i nap with my phone under my pillow again? oh yes, for this reason exactly) to morgan asking me my whereabouts.

i lied. oh, just gearing up to go running! driving to the trail now...why? she then proceeded to tell me about her doozy of a day. she had been in and out of the doctors and finally into the emergency room since the early afternoon and was deemed anemic(!)(i feel it's deserving of an exclamation point or three !!) and was currently having a blood transfusion.

i gasped. and felt sort of guilty for lying, but who has time for guilt in times like these? i ran to winco and grabbed a basket-full of hospital appropriate snacks which includes but is not limited to: chocolate covered raisins, caramel ice cream (haagen-dazs, mind you. not some off brand! these are serious times, people!), a cheesy bagel with two helpings of cream cheese, chex snack mix, and an apple...for you to munch on during the drive to the hospital, of course.

a note about hospitals: security? security? i actually wandered the place aimlessly for a good twenty minutes (while the ice cream melted in my bag!) and was browsing hallways and rooms i am not sure i was supposed to be in. cardiology, endocrinology, and i am almost certain i meandered through the 'genealogy' department-- it's utah, after all.
another note about hospitals: the nurses are the nicest. all of 'em!

besides discovering that she has anemia(!) and having to suffer through sitting still for the blood transfusion, morgan is doing just great. at least i assume so...i actually haven't talked to her since last night. morgan? can i get her vitals? mostly it was just a hospital room party watching criminal minds, eating ice cream, and having girl talk with hanna and tiffany. we are urging her to milk it for as l o n  g as she can. i mean, it's finals next week + who wants to work these days, anyways? side note: morgan told us she had been timing her theatrical coughs whenever she wheeled by someone in the hospital hallways of authority. genius. but really, we are so glad she's doing well + will be out of there soon. phew.
 i just had to wiggle in a picture of my face. there is really no back-story behind it besides that i felt this post would be lacking without? 

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promise not to steal my business idea? 


so in morgan's hospital room there was this framed poster with a quote that attempted to be inspirational. it was  something about how attitude is everything and there was a scenic painting of what looked like the northwest. which nailed it because morgan is a north-westerner. 

my idea: a revolving poster! depending on the patient, the nurse could change the quote and the picture.  you know? for a bench-warming basketball player from florida it could be a quote about persistence and getting back on that horse and a picture of...what is good in florida? courses? 
for a nervous new-mom who grew up in sunny california it could be a quote about keeping calm (...and carrying on. barf.) and a picture of the beach. or a the steak salad at wood ranch because that thing is the star of my dreams.

and that is how i am going to become a billionaire. totally personal + totally applicable posters in hospital rooms. 

*drops mic*

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