a little jeff + brooke pre-stapleton video.

Monday, April 15, 2013

it's 1:36 a.m. which is far past my strict 10:30 bedtime. naturally, i am googling myself. 

stumbled upon this gem of a video. it played during our reception on a television near the presents + sign-in and, unfortunately, quite the crowd gathered to watch it. behold: brooke on camera. lots of strange facial expressions, misunderstood sarcasm, and is that an ohio accent i hear?

side note: i didn't totally get cut from my basketball team senior year. it was more like a...please take your attitude + antics home type of plea. almost? hahaha. almost. and who actually knows why it says wondershare at the top nor why it gets suddenly super loud every time i speak (oh wait, that's just probably my voice?).

goodnight + good morning, folks. happy monday to you all. i'm probably still googling myself as you read this...


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