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Saturday, April 13, 2013

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today is my first official saturday off. no plans, alarms, or bras. shake it for me mama! i feel like a baby does after they just discover they have hands. well, actually i don't know how that feels but i imagine it feels something like i do right now. it's like look at these hands! where have these been all along? i just want to shove them in my mouth!

saturdays, man.

:: clean out my mess of a closet + figure out which clothes i can part with. there might be tears + lots of excuses, but i can do it. (i always dream up reasons why i can't get rid of clothes; but what if i go to an 'across the universe' themed party? but what if i go to a honky tonk in texas and need something to wear?! 

:: run. guess who is completely out of half marathon shape? (yup, that's right people. i've accepted the fact that the full marathon just ain't going to happen. i'm a wimp of sorts.)

:: shoot someone or something and post it over here. i've been slacking! so...who wants to have a photo shoot? any takers? ...but i'm serious, though.

:: finish season 2 of gossip girl and maybe season 3, too? i'm addicted, guys. 

:: say the closing prayer at church tomorrow in style. did y'all get a load of sister jean a. stevens? i took a peek or three and she was killin' it. her eyelashes + eye makeup were perfection (...did i just ruin everything we women worked so hard for? perhaps, perhaps.)

:: ...shower. or maybe don't?

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  1. okay, let's talk about gossip girl. should i do it?

  2. Dejunking the closet is the worst! But, it feels great when it's done, you can do it! I was over excited and signed up to run a 5K on May 11. . . yup, that's before I can even get my doctor's OK to exercise after the baby. Oops!! So, I feel ya on not being in shape for something you signed up for. BLAH!

  3. ummmm photo shoot? yes. for reals. we can have lunch at cubby's afterwards. wait, you live in provo right? am i making stuff up? we don't have to eat at cubby's we can eat anywhere.


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