wouldn't you know??!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

wouldn't you know? these pictures are from this summer. we drove to
albion basin loaded up on swig cookies + drinks with nikki + paige +
i told everyone in the car, mark my words, "guys, i think i'm pregnant!"

...and then everyone laughed at me because i had taken three pregnancy
tests that came up negative already + there was just no way.
but guess what? I WAS PREGNANT. i knew it! dollar store tests, be darned!


  1. I'm just a stranger/devoted fan of your blog and I'm SO happy to see these posts/hear of your pregnancy! Don't stop blogging now because a stranger fangirled you. (praying emoji) Your blog wins all the blogs.

    1. WHAT!!!!! this made my life! internet validation wins!


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