a happy picture + some words about being happy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

a happy picture of us happily dancing this summer.

...very much ripped off from kenna's wedding photographer...
it's fine. we're fine. 

i'm so happy to be happy. earlier this year, things were heavy + we had to work hard.
like. so hard.

i was very much depressed + completely checked out. it was pretty awful. 
but we came out on top! (exclamation point)(...i made it sound easy but refer back to hard work)
 and i now have a testimony of working hard +
seeking help when you need it + of being honest and owning your feelings. 
 also of comfortable couches in counseling offices + of having no shame -- when you need help, 
go get it! it's the most important thing in the world.
(bonus! you can feel like a celebrity + drop phrases like, 
"well, my therapist said..." + really freak people out)
also of good friends + a stupidly supportive family. 

this is all long way to say : i don't feel bad about ripping off this happy picture
because i deserve it, dammit. i'll be gushy if i want to be. 


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