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Thursday, November 12, 2015

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please appreciate this super artsy picture from my photo booth.
i call it 'jeff! come over here + put your arm around me!' :

jeff + i are completely obsessed with the gilmore girls. right now we are watching the one with the rory + the dean + the opening of the dragonfly inn. have you seen it?! season four? i'm totally siding with lorelai on this one! like, rory! what? also dean! what? i'm equal parts angry + so, so sad that rory is so lost + confused.


today was my day-off from the retail world (falalala!) + i went to the bookstore in search of a highly recommended parenting book then felt overwhelmed because inadequacy! sleep training! emotions! how to be like a parisian! + ended up in the kids' section with my large soda. of course i bought a hard copy of wonder + made an amazon order for where the wild things are. currently these are the only items i have for my child but what more do you need? (...crib, swaddles, carseat, burp rags...). oh! and my breasts! i have those too! books + breasts! i. am. set. 

also. i feel like these two things should be noted :
i saw the martian today alone. a movie by yourself in the afternoon is the best way to treat yo'self. you can arrive uncomfortably early to make sure you catch all the movie trivia questions + previews  (joy with j-law looks so good). it was so! good! + surprisingly so funny. also i cried like five times.

i had the craziest hankering for a roasted veggie burrito today which is weird because where did that come from? let it be known that it was the best burrito i've ever had. ever.

the end. 


  1. Ok so I just had to comment because that episode! UGH! I binged watched Gilmore Girls when my little guy was born. Also, parenting books are so overwhelming. And contradicting. "Put your baby on a schedule! Wait, don't put your baby on a schedule! Let them eat whenever they want!" My pediatrician gave me the best advice ever, he told me when it comes to sleep books- don't read them! lol. That was so hard for me to do though. I semi took his advice. It took me a while to just rely on my own mamma intuition....but I still needed some guidance on like a rough idea?? haha Don't worry, you will be great!


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