phone dump + some catch-up.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"you're the catch-up girl! not to be confused with 'ketchup girl' 'cause that's not you at all. you were strictly a mustard + relish girl from day one -- there's a little condiment humor for ya."

woof! hi! okay so you know how i took that giant break from blogging?
...probably not. who am i kidding? anyways, here's a bit of catch-up for you from the past couple months a la phone dumpage. or something. i definitely misuse 'a la' but i. don't. care. onwards! phone dump! hit it, guitar man :

// floated the provo river with my family...+ got caught in a total storm. it was pouring rain the whole time + even started to hail! i actually thought i was going to die. of course this happens to us.
// shot a sh'load of weddings at the prettiest places with the best people.
// had eyelash extensions. love myself.
// went on a little hike with my sissy-poo. we climbed all the way into the waterfall + froze our butts of. oh the mems.

// celebrated my brother chad's wedding at my favorite place, the lake! i was in town for a friend's wedding + it all worked out seamlessly. p.s. shooting high school friend's weddings? best ever. i got to catch up with all my old pals and see my friend get married? tops.

// celebrated avery's wedding 2.0 in california + spent most of the week sleeping on the beach
+ catching up on my real housewives. actually, i spent most of my time sleeping in the guest room at the stapleton's because i. was. so. tired. (...and so unknowingly pregnant. may or may not have gone to a sushi bar. i'm an idiot).

// went to idaho for an orthodontist appointment(?). it is as dumb as it sounds. ha. also chopped off my hair + took an indulgent selfie.
// baked a pineapple upside cake + had it for breakfast for the next two weeks.
// visited new mexico for a wedding! we went on a breaking bad tour + jeff posted a lot of photos of himself on his instagram, ha! he is a mega-fan of the series + l o v e d new mexico more than most people probably do. but look at that view! also they had a bahama bucks so i was happy.
// took this really awful picture.

// visited sundance with my grandma, mama, + sister. the views! the. views. it was soooo pretty. sure do love these women in my life.

// helped move by sister in at byu-idaho + took a little pit stop in stanley, idaho to visit redfish lake! so. so. so. pretty. it was practically empty there.

// my fam came down for general conference! that i'm blogging this, i'm realizing that my family has visited a. lot. these past couple of months. ha. sorry jeffrey. just kidding ;).

// went to MOTHER FREAKING new york city! oh. my. gosh. it was the time of my life! i went to take my friend lily's engagement pictures which is like, the coolest thing ever + she was the best host + i had so much fun + i can't wait to go back in a few weeks + i'm so happy we are friends + the brooklyn bridge! + the top of the one world trade center at night!!!!! + i don't even care that this is the longest run-on sentence in the history of run-on sentences because I WENT TO NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the exclamation points. okay i'm done now.

// celebrated this cutie's birthday.
// carved pumpkins. mine was...horrible.
// celebrated the first snowfall!
// obsessed over the leaves. all the leaves. so pretty.
(i'm losing steam here. are you still scrolling?!?!!!!!!)

// and now we're back. let's never do this again?

p.s. today i am flying back to idaho to shoot a wedding this weekend! pray i don't freeze!


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