denver, colo{rad}o

Monday, November 16, 2015

get it? colo{rad}o. ha. i try hard.

this weekend we went to denver for a broncos game with kenna + kevin.
they mentioned they were going to the game about a month ago + we instantly invited ourselves + then pretended like that was the plan the whole time. if there's one piece of advice i can offer : always invite yourself. also always carry gum + stop staring.

anyways! we arrived saturday night + headed to dinner followed by dessert at little man ice cream. so. so. so. good. i got vegan munchies + salted peanut butter cup + did not regret it despite the frigid temps outside. it was actually so good that we went back the following night + braved the line + weather.

we went to brunch the next morning at a place in the lohi neighborhood called linger. so, highly recommend. kenna + i split hangover ramen + breakfast dosa + everyone at the table was jealous of our ordering powers. did you know i am the most food jealous person ever? i hate not ordering the best.

then the game! go broncos! go football! ra-ra-ra! it was kind of a flop. peyton got hurt? or something? + sat out for most of the game + we sort of, definitely got our butts kicked. on the bright side, the concessions were top notch (we inhaled two hot dogs, a plate of nachos, a soft pretzel + a coke) + the national anthem made me cry because america! home of the brave! god bless it!

we made it back ALIVE this afternoon. i was white-knuckling the back seat for about two hours. driving on snow will always always scare me.

thanks for letting us be mooch-y, kenna + kevin! go broncos! go football! ra-ra-ra!

p.s. felt like this for most the game (click here).

p.p.s. please do not get used to these high quality photos. ;)


  1. I'm so glad someone else talks about food jealousy! My overly competitive personality has a problem with this on our date nights...


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