happy birthday to my jeffrey d.!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

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today is my jeffrey's birthday! he's now officially in his 'late twenties' but please don't bring that up. he's still recovering from realizing that him + taylor swift are the same age. something about the fact that she already owns like, fifteen houses or something? minor details! minor details!

we celebrated today + i gifted him allllll of his favorite foods. because of my lack of self-control around gushers + the fact refined sugar makes me like, so cranky we never have junk food in our house. our pantry is the lamest + would make ten year olds cry with its lack of -ito's + cookies + poptarts. BUT NO LONGER! junk food galore! eighty dollars worth! you're welcome!

but one more time, happy birthday to jeff! he is the funniest, most patient + kindest person. he is easy to please (wink)(but actually being serious. his request today : boxed mashed potatoes, frozen peas + a pineapple upside down cake. shockingly white trash), easy-going + ...also he is very forgiving because i royally messed up his favorite meal, chicken crescents. woops. he is my happy place + my steady. and today he is twenty six!

...now go write on his facebook wall or something.


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