shoot, where did the weekend go?

Monday, November 12, 2012

for jeff's birthday week we went to the lakers vs. jazz game and indulged in the whole experience...and by indulged, i mean $8.50 for a churro + regular soda, really? apparently the lakers are jeff's jam -- he made sure to remind me of that three times on the drive down, every time with a hand-on-the-knee and a good stare into the eyes. 

the halftime entertainment was my favorite. it was a small asian lady who rode a ten-foot tall unicycle and balanced bowls on her head. weird, right? everyone kept chanting more! more! more! and the unicyclist kept adding more bowls, every time ending with a smile and a prom queen wave. more! more! more! i was on the edge of my seat by the tenth bowl...and also feeling a bit self-conscious about my audible anxiety over this performance because most of the devout laker fans around me (why are they the scariest utah-ites?!) had left for the bathroom...could she balance it? what if she falls? why the heck did she decide this was her passion?!! i loosened my grip on the seat in front of me and exhaled. i was so relieved for the tiny unicycler but could she have balanced eleven? 

this week sort of felt like the bowel-balancing-unicycler, sort of (i have a hard time committing to dessert choices, tv series, and similes, you should know). i felt like i was just trying to stay balanced and every one kept chanting more! more! more! 

as much as i felt like i was almost off-balance at all times, i loved this week and i wanted more, gosh dangit!

this week we went to sam hawk twice. and any week that starts off with a double-dip at a greasy korean restaurant has got to be good, am i right? we rung in jeff's birthday with family and friends, a lakers vs. jazz game, an election-watching snack fest (...i am so happy it is over! let's all return to being nice and talking about christmas?)(also jeff's dude lost; i should plan the election for a better date next time around? it put a real damper on birthday week ;), and the bourne legacy (too many chase scenes, not enough kissing). 

jeff is kind of the best birthday boy, even when both his teams lose.

then my dad came down to visit! my dad is the funniest...but also the wisest and most-intimidatingest (he remarked the he was over his hug-quota by four for the year as he was leaving, ha!), so it's actually the best combination and sometimes he reminds me a lot of jay pritchet? when he first got into town, i met him for the free continental breakfast at his hotel. i think that will remain the highlight of my semester (and i mean it!). it was so nice just to chat (...and get stocked on costco food!) this weekend and have full parental attention; isn't full parental attention the best though? 

and can we talk about this weather? sheesh. 

and now, on to monday. 


  1. My husband is going to be sooo jealous! Just last night he was asking if we could go to a Jazz game if they played the Lakers. I half agreed but I guess he didn't look at their schedule....haha


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