no mas brain juice.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

(i just found this picture in the dusty and ignored archives of my computer storage; what the heck was i doing?)

i'm out of brain juice these days, plumb out! i feel like my brain is working double-time simply to remember wait, why am i at the grocery store again? you know? at the end of the day, i am exhausted from the mundane details (and dance central three-- my muscular (read: big) thighs are really idyllic for dirty-dancing). 

but really funny stuff has been happening as of late. like, golden. jeff turned to me last night as we were watching up all night (i'll say it until i'm hoarse: jeff is chris brinkley) and said "we really should have a television show about us!" (i know, i know. we are so self-absorbed; but f'real! these past couple weeks have been funny (pronounced funn-ay, won't you kindly?).

for example... 

we had these neighbors who were, let's just say...morning people. if you know what i mean. do you know what i mean? (we have thin walls at our complex, THIN walls!) they are actually probably the nicest people but at this point, i don't think even the most impressive plate of cookies could have repaired our relationship. it was all just kind of awkward. ha. anyways, we were walking in from church a few weeks ago and all of a sudden a snowball gets hurled at our window and barely misses jeff's head. jeff's eyes got all wide and he quickly rushes inside and locks the door and whispers, "oh no! oh no! we can not open the door to that kind of snowball-fight relationship!" at first i was like what?! and then i nodded furiously in agreement; if that snowball-fight door is opened, what's next? bantering back and forth? doorbell ditching? or, heaven forbid, tickle fights?!


i think i have been stealing from a food drive run through my work? like, i feel terrible.but there is no sign and the pile is sort of measly so i just thought that someone had some unwanted cans of food and thought 'hey! i'll lug all of these into work to share!' it really makes no sense, i know. perhaps it was just my severe case of the midday munchies that blinded me from the fact that it is a food drive. for the needy. because it's christmas time.  ...but yum, was that wild rice + chicken soup good. 

and also...

we teach sunday school. unfortunately. like, i like parts of it; having the spotlight for the hour! hand selecting the treats! the awkward silences filled with poor joke attempts! anyways, the thing about teaching sunday school is you should probably know what you are talking about? i had no idea. jeff leaned over to me the night before while i was scarfing down an omelet and informed me we were teaching in seven hours and we should probably get something ready? we taught about the scattering and gathering of israel...i think? i filled the time up by asking questions i didn't know the answers to really loudly (why do i get loud when i'm nervous?!) and raving about the treats i ( mother...) made. it was an awkward hour. but we set the bar real low so we can only go up, right?

and on a completely unrelated note, tonight morgan, jeff + i hiked y-mountain (morgan had never done it before!) and rewarded ourselves with kfc. fun fact: their grilled chicken is actually quite delicious and oprah endorses it.

also the photobooth self portrait gave me a brilliant idea: i think i'm going to devote a post this week to all of the unpublished selfies i have taken? like, it's a laughable amount. 


  1. Ummm that food drive story? I'm dying. And that's a shame about the thin walls. No one needs to wake up to...that. hah.


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