and for that, i am thankful (part 3!)

Friday, November 23, 2012

+ thanksgiving. i love this holiday...or maybe i just love a day made for sleeping, snacking, napping, and indulging? 
+ in-laws who conveniently live in beautiful southern california. and are kick-butt. (no, but seriously i lucked out! like, what if they were from north dakota or something? ...does anyone even live in north dakota?)
+ ...and not to brag, but we are experiencing some heavenly weather. i went running this morning in shorts and a tank top...let that marinate for a bit. 
+ ...and not to brag again, but their house is stocked full of fresh fruit and we have a television in our room loaded with e! and bravo.... hallelujah. 
+ food. i've finally came out of my food coma and am no longer filled with stomach-aching regret and can retrospectively appreciate our thanksgiving day spread. sweet potatoes topped with caramelized pecans? shoot. me. dead. oh, and i'm thankful for stretchy pants, too. 
+ my jeff and our little life we've got going on.
+ that i can kind of, sort of see the light at the end of the never-ending tunnel called statistics class (cross your fingers i seriously, please?). 
+ my new layout! isn't it cool? it's coming along quite nicely all thanks to maggie (complaining about your lack of html knowledge apparently pays off!). but mostly i'm thankful for maggie. she wins the nicest person ever award.
+ our sweet little apartment in provo-town (and how it's located right next to my friends!).
+ my family (and snapchat for helping me to miss them less) and the fact that i get to see them SOON! 
+ ...that we can now officially start preparing for the christmas season. who's out-of-their-mind excited?!


  1. We have matching bed spreads! Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. See I live in Arizona and all I want is colder weather! Running in a tshirt and shorts has been going on for too long! hahha It's basically 80 till forever here. I'll be praying you pass statistics like I'll be praying I pass Acoustics. :)


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