on luke (must be said in a comically deep voice, please...)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

i'm entirely neutral about the harry potter series but always go see the movies in theaters. partially because of the movie popcorn and partially because one time a boy told me i looked like hermione granger? (i don't buy in to it; i gloated to my friends about it and they all immediately assured me i look nothing like her -- let me have my hermione moment, will you?)

but i always remember the scene where harry is confronted with the grand staircase. do you remember that part? ...or was it even harry? anyways, the staircase moves and shifts to get you wherever you are going. and you do think i look kind of like hermione, don't you? (i texted my jack-friend to ask him if his opinions have changed and he said not a chance. poo!)

anyways, last night i was reading in luke in the new testament. oh, luke. i've always had such a crush on that name. my mom refuses to say the name in any other way than with a comically deep bark "luke," she bellows. "it must be said luke." oh? 

luke is one of my favorite books of the new testament (thus far), especially chapters 11 + 12. when i'm reading the bible (it can be so terribly confusing! women eating their children? talking donkeys? and don't get me started on king solomon and all his wives...!), i like to just coast. you know what i mean, though? just glaze over and thank you matthew, i will leave my net and follow! and you desire foreskins, saul? how very interesting? 

...to be inside my brain...
i'm convinced that luke is like the magical grand staircase in harry potter. last night, as i was reading and sort of, kind of skimming through oprah's favorite things and deciding i want to live my life in such a way that i can spend hundreds of dollars on scented candles and teensy succullents luke told me:

"brooke, shut your can up and stop being so darn materialistic and such!"

...well, no he didn't. is that sac-religious? but he basically did

luke actually said: 

"layeth up treasure for [you, brooke!] in heaven, ...a treasure in heavens that faileth not, where no theif approacheth...for where your treasure is, there will be your heart also." 

oh, luke? but haven't you seen oprah's favorite things this year, luke?

and then i got to thinking, what do i truly treasure? cable knit sweaters, soap sets, and thee cutest little gourmet pigs-in-a-blanket? i mean, what treasures are waiting up in heaven for me besides a few gold stars  (sometimes i hold the door open for people?)(oh! and today i patted an inconsolable stranger on the back and asked her if she was okay! ...she wasn't. um? what's step two?)?

crap, luke. you up and ruined my christmas list...

but don't you kind of see it, though?

...yeah, me neither.


  1. I almost hate that I came across this post today...how can I go back to pinning all the things I currently want?? But seriously, I think many of us lose sight of what's truly important, especially this time of year. Bravo.

  2. Great reminder!! Thanks! And, do you know why your Mom says Luke in a weird deep voice?? Ask Jeff, he'll know. You need to watch those movies my dear!!

  3. ha ha, thanks Jennie for defending the way I say it! She's not watching the movie out of stubbornness at this point (but Brooke, Jeff bought pants!!!). Also, watch "Cool Hand Luke". Paul Newman was the Brad Pitt of today. Yes, he's the popcorn, salad dressing and spaghetti sauce guy. But back in the day....so good looking! If one of my kids doesn't name their kid LUKE (must say with conviction)....I'm naming my next dog that name!


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