WEEEEELP... // not billionaires.

Friday, January 15, 2016

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welp, we woke up on wednesday only to find out that we weren't billionaires. or even millionaires. or even, sadly, people with a proper bank account.

i was tooooootally reasonable about our odds of winning until i wasn't. 
i actually thought we had a shot! 
we could quit life + buy a house on a lake in idaho/montana/washington + a boat + 
someone to clean my house + help those in need + have 1,209,039 puppies and children + 
 lift my boobs so high i could rest my chin on them!!!!!
(my ladies are a sensitive subject right now)
(...they just. keep. growing.)

next time, powerball. next time. 


  1. Your ladies are going to just keep on growing, just embrace it. Or maybe soon they will just embrace you! HA HA! Sorry, too soon to joke about them?! Love you!!


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