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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

are you sick of seeing pictures of my dog yet? just bear with me until my face returns to normal size + i have a baby to take pictures of.

speaking of bears, jeff convinced me to see 'the revenant' today. it was THREE hours long (well, including previews + the pause in the middle when the screen stopped working + everyone chanted in unison FREE MOVIE! FREE MOVIE! FREE MOVIE! mob mentality is a delicious thing). the setting of the movie was beautiful. it reminded me of idaho/montana (confirmed! some parts were filmed in montanta!) buuuuuuut it was just. so. long.
my summary of the movie : a battered and beaten and perpetually frozen leonardo dicaprio seeks revenge in a bear suit + then plays the longest and most violent game of cat-mouse ever with tom hardy. woof.

i did cry three times, though. so that's something.
also my favorite movie is like, elizabethtown so maybe don't take my word for it?
(jeff would like everyone to know that he loved it + recommends)

other noteworthy, yet not paragraph-worthy items :

* on our walk today, milo + i crossed paths with three deer just walking down the middle of 300 south.
* i subbed a class today in which the girl pulled out a freaking SELFIE STICK!!!!! why?!!! what could you possibly want to remember about this day?
* i'm going to start writing an in-depth journal about my mental state during the last bit of this pregnancy. i'm convinced i'm actually going insane.
* my mom sent me a mug that says, 'why do you always look so sweaty and nervous?' -- actually me.
* we are never going to decide on a name for this baby. poor boy is going to be 'baby boy stapleton' for the first fifteen...years of his life.

aaaaaaand that's a tuesday.


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