new york pt. II // #lilyandashton addition

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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right before christmas, my blonde + beautiful lily-friend was married in new york city! fun fact : lily was the first person i met at byu. we sat by each while studio 5 performed + nervously laughed + chatted. actually, she might have been the second person i met but! she was the first person i liked. ha. 

her wedding was ah-may-zing. like, there was a rapper + lily rapped 'new york' on stage like freaking jay-z and bey with him + the food was out of this world + five thousand thumbs enthusiastically up. commence t.m.i. for this post : i danced so hard i actually had pee running down my leg + feared i would go into labor. the music! it was freaking out of control.

now, for pictures (and scrolling! keep scrolling!) : 

lily had her rehearsal dinner at shake shack + radio city musical hall where we watched the rockettes perform their christmas program. oh my word! soooooo good. my dream is to sprout long legs + some rhythm + be a rockette. 
or really, the long legs would suffice. 

this poorly lit photo because this bagel! it was from tompkin's bagel...somehwere. i don't even know where i was. we flew the red eye, took a nap + then...this bagel! the left is smoked salmon + capers and the right is the bacon, egg + cheese. mmmm.

radio city! eh! 

how fanc', right? also ignore how tired i look. i was...growing a baby.

grilled cheese shooters. 
i did a number on these.
no seriously, i had 8. 

the happy couple walkin' in! 

the happy couple walkin' out! 

badda bing! badda boom!
that's a wrap!
scroll. scroll. scroll.


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