*almost* 27 weeks // an update.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


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i'm sliding right into 27 weeks (third trimester, what. is. up.) + realize i have failed at documenting this pregnancy. like, totally failed. i don't feel like my bump is bumpin' enough to post a picture +, to be honest, a picture of me pounding a cheeseburger in the drive-through is far more accurate. ha. 

cravings : bacon cheeseburgers (of the wendy's sort), grapefruit juice and s l e e p .
sleep : ain't nothing like an early bed time. except for lately i have had a few nights where i am totally restless + totally resentful of the sleeping jeff beside me. 
movement : so. there was like, none FOR SO LONG + i was so bummed. now homie moves 24/7 + loooooves to kick me hard + lay on my bladder. mmmmm. 
weight gain : i'm an equal opportunity weight gainer, as my cousin summer would say. i feel like my eyelids are chubby at this point...actually, i DO feel like i have gained 3,674 pounds in my face alone.
best moment : just all the talking about mommy-ing/parent-ing, being able to eat gluten painlessly (NOT KIDDING! pass the pizza) + any time i get to see an ultrasound.
worst moment : ...let's just say i am very swollen in a very interesting place...
missing : my jawline.
nesting : sooooort of. there is a high possibility we are moving right after i deliver (like, a week after. the timeline is a tad bit stress inducing), so we don't have a nursery or anything of the sort. but we do have a carseat + two jumpers! so there's something! 

and that's my bumpdate (thank you, pinterest!). we have sort of, kind of decided on a name + THAT IS EXCITING. the middle name is still up in the air + jeff's suggestions are getting weirder by the minute so, you know. rolling with it.


  1. YES!! I love this! And you will love this later. Pregnancy is so weird and awesome all at the same time!


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