that one time i wore eyeliner and curled mah hair.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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living with my sister has some perks. 
for instance : she always keeps a stash of the best brand name cereal on hand.
and she has fancy makeup that she didn't buy at a gas station in florida because she forgot mascara while honeymooning. 
and she creeps people on instagram almost as hard as i do and doesn't blink twice when i refer to people as their instagram name and talk about them like they are my actual friend. ("ugh, jenna's picture is so sad. i bet just plain hayley is broken up...")
and she has a jean vest that is the cutest and that i love to steal in the wee hours of the morning when i tip toe off to work and she is still in a deep slumber.
and she has a special kind of humor that makes me do an ugly laugh and bat her away saying, "no, staaaahp."
and she is the best date (after noon -- girl is not a morning person) to frozen yogurt and the grocery store and the mall and other some such things.

but most especially, girl knows how to primp. 

i've always struggled in that department. i have no patience when it comes to hair and usually just throw it in a top knot and when i apply any sort of eye makeup i always feel like i look especially b-wordy. i don't know how it happens, but it does.

but paige. paaaaige. she can make gym wear look cute and accessorizes the right amount for the pool. seeing as we look alike, she is a beacon of hope for what i could be. well, could be if i got sick and lost a lot of weight. (somebody told me that the other day. ha. isn't that weird though? i just nodded and said "uh-huh" and then googled "where to find tapeworms." juuuuust kidding.)

so on the fourth of july, i begged her to do my hair and teach me how to wear eyeliner and teach me the hot girl smile and bam! self-esteem soaring! i was camera ready! let's take group pictures tonight? instagram me! vine me! where are the ca-mah-raaaahs?!

so hipster, what chu know about me?
also a moment of silence for my hair. i'm officially a utah girl with this melt-a-licious mane. and my watch is from a heart rate monitor, for all of you fashionistas that are wondering ;) (i went home and my friend kylie made fun of me soooo...)

these were taken outside of spaghetti factory while we were waiting for our table. because we are all vain and we are all mildly okay with it. 

happy hump day. 
(snicker, snicker)


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