i'm sorry, but more michigan.

Monday, July 22, 2013


we are back to the great state of utah, where diet dr. pepper is abundant + the air smells like tanning beds. also, yes. i used that joke on my instagram. sue me! it's been quite the day of travels and i even got patted down by a tsa agent because my chesticles came up as high danger. she used the back of her hand + laughed when i said that she had to 'wine and dine' me first...also i used that joke on my instagram, too. i'm running out of material here people!

but promise! promise! promise! i am mostly, completely done with the michigan posts. promise. it's just i feel that it is such an under-appreciated place. it's the zac of the united states of america. and yes, i am making a bachelorette reference because i am finally catching up and no! zac went home! lip quivering. how is drew lasting this long? is anyone getting feminine vibes?
...hashtag : team brooks.

onwards! i just want to remember my time in michigan, okay? the midwest gets such a bad-wrap. just like zac! i mean, c'mon dez. he may have looked a bit leprechaun-esque in the first few episodes but he really came around...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

wee little moments : the cutest baby child, kaylin. kallin? kay - lynn. 
mackinac beach + heidi, stephen, and baby timmy.
mackinac island! pronounced macinaaaaw. 
baby timmy meeting (great!) grandma king. give me a bebe.
mmm...mean muggin'.
king + stapleton boys.
horse bum.
awww! ferry rides and bebes. my heart.
marlee + kaylynn? kallin? kaylin! 

struggling, struggling. always struggling. 

riding tandem around this pretty island with my jeffy boo. it may sound romantic but holy !!! tandem bikes scare the jeebers out of me. 

about how everyone felt after an 8 mile bike ride on a fairly empty stomach. hanger is real, man. also : smiley kevin! he just came back from his mission and is single and super nice and yes, i'm pimping him out. leave your number in the comments, please and thanks. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

happy monday, friends!


  1. so i used to have this little obsession with chicagoand i thought i grew out of it.

    but after your many posts with GORGEOUS photographs, my love for lake michigan and the surrounding cities is renewed.

    tsk, tsk brooke! glad you had such a great time xo


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