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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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in the past two weeks: 

+ went to spokane, wa. for the biggest three on three basketball tournament in the world, or hoopfest. a place for me to let my inner-butch fly + people-watch all the live-long day. we ended up forfeiting so...that's how that went.

+ played around at my little piece of heaven on lake chatcolet with my family + vowed to nevereverevernever wear a two-piece around girls entering their senior year of high school. like, bye-bye self esteem. i thought you could have boobs or be skinny. not both. rude!

+ ran into (no, literally. i was on a run.) a bunch of old friends from high school + let them tease me for two hours straight about being a.) a child bride, b.) the biggest exaggerator...ever, and c.) clogging a toilet at a party like, fifteen years ago. and it wasn't even me!

side note: i was on a run and ran into my friend morgan who was at my friend logan's house for a barbeque. woof! that was a mouthful and i assume you aren't following. anyways, i was chatting with her in the driveway when i had. to. go. like, then. i snuck my way into the house and plopped down on the toilet, not especially wanting to talk to anyone, and then there's a knock on the door + i am proceeding to have a conversation with someone through the door that went a little something like this,

"is someone in there?"
"...ummm, yes. me."
"wait, who is that?"
"brooke mosman?!??! what the heck are you doing here!"
"umm, going to the bathroom."
"it's so good to see you! come out here!"

...I AM GOING TO THE BATHROOM. i would hurry up if i could but... then i open the door to some old friends standing in the doorway and i am trying to febreeze + close the door because hi, i just did some business in  there. it was weird.

+ hosted my family for the fourth of july. well, kind of. mostly we just picked out a spot to watch the fireworks and let some of my siblings sleep at our place. *more on that later* i looooove having visitors, most especially my family. they came and left quickly and hit up happy hour nearly every day they were here. my type of people. also jeff cut chad's hair which was actually just the funniest to watch because they both looked equal parts uncomfortable and terrified. vulnerability is so cute.

+ had daddy-daughter time with my father, but of course. he came down by his lonesome for the blessing of my brother's baby and spoiled us with 2-ply toilet paper and brand name peanut butter. ain't nothin' better!

+ welcome my morgan friend home. finally. and contributed a bag full of soda and bagged salad at a welcome home bbq for her because everybody knows i shouldn't cook anything, ever.

+ had one good hair day and learned what 'turn up' and 'turnt' mean and now i can't staaaaahp. i documented both here.

(it's okay, i know i'm a douche.)

+ had a baby blessing luncheon for my niece, kaliyani rose, and her blessing day. actually i contributed nothing to it besides an air conditioned apartment + a few serving spoons. but still! 

and i know i said this on instagram, but my family really is the best. well, the best for me. they are so funny and fun to be around and i really think if i had any other family, i would take a lot more selfies and post self-indulgent facebook statuses. they subtly keep you in line in the best of ways, you know?

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