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Thursday, July 18, 2013

a disclaimer : vacation posts are tha worst. i am so very aware. just a whole lot of scrolling. but indulge me? i'm trying to launch a social media campaign on my very lonesome for michigan in the summer. just kidding, slightly. but dudes, it is something of a dream! a dream, i tell you!

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now, on to today : today we went on to the actual rez. am i allowed to say that? i don't know entirely so i am assuming...yes? question mark? onwards! the rez!

the casino + resort were so. dang. nice. no stray dogs or anything! like, mouth to the floor. i think they had three golf courses which seems kind of excessive but who is stopping them? also the resort had all these cute shops and restaurants and a spacious bathroom with comfy toilet seats where i spent most all of my time because cherries, duh.

their 'mascot' ... guys i think i am breeching a lot of politically correct rules here, but shoot! i'm lost! ... or spirit animal? tribe animal? theeeeere we go : let's stick with tribe animal! anyways, it's the turtle. slow and steady is winning this race, baby.
cherries! everywhere! and yes, cherries + the runs do, in fact, go hand-in-hand ;)
a little ma-and-pa store where they sold the most delicious cherry pie to date. also i am not entirely sure if it is a ma-and-pa store, all i know is that a girl working their called one of her coworkers mom? so...maybe? ma-and-pa it is!

now how'd i get talking about cherries! back to the casino!
but first:
that is literally a kid in a candy store. you see what i did there? heh? heh? 

they kicked me out of the picture because i'm white. it's whatever. just kidding ;). i volunteered to play family photographer which is more than fortunate because, let's face it, i have a strong affinity to dress like a butch in humidity. 

also what is jeff doing with that leg pop thing? bless that boy and his sweet little face.

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