oh hey, about michigan.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

so, michigan.

when jeff stapleton told me michigan was where he felt most in his jeff stapleton element i most certainly passed the comment off completely. partially because people should always be ignored when they talk in first person and mostly because he says the exact same thing about all-you-can eat sushi bars, southern california, and...well, i'll leave out the last place that jeff stapleton feels the most jeff stapleton. heh, heh...;) i mean, what is even in michigan anyways? besides lakes. and cars. and lakes.

suffice it to say, i was a little skeptical about michigan.

but right as we pulled in after driving through the night from chicago, i could feel it. though jeff stapleton was fast asleep in the back of the van (smacking his lips, mind you), he was here. he was fully + completely my jeff stapleton.

so here's what is in michigan:

+ cherries. lots of 'em. my poor digestive system.
+ lakes! i was right about that. but. you. guys. lake michigan is something of a dream. it goes all the way to wisconsin, you know? it's like, a bajillion miles and it has a tide and whitecaps and how is it even a lake at all?
+ sand dunes so hot they'll burn your feet straight off.
+ treeeeeees! man, i am making michigan sound so boring. but this place is green with rolling hills full of trees and other some such greenery.
+ ...bugs. you win some, you lose some.
+ ...and humidity. but hey, my hair looks good and my skin is happy.
+ the sweetest family-in-law? or something like that? jeff's cousin's 3-year-old daughter came up to me while swimming and grabbed my tata's and asked, "what are these? are these apart of your swimsuit?" so, yeah. you could say i'm her role model.
+ joe's friendly tavern where i ate...no, inhaled, a burger. i haven't had a burger in so long! i was ravenous. also, i started my monthly lady jam so... red meat all around!
+ and more cherries! chocolate covered cherries, cherry juice, cherry dipped ice cream cones, cherries out. your. ears.
+ babies. well, mostly tim-tam slam. but boy! that baby is cute. truth: me and timmy had quite the rough patch at first. when he was a newborn and i met him at the hostpital, i had a terrible case of the coughs and i was not yet married into the family for time and all eternity. so i spent the whole time trying not to cough on him and thus making my intestines and rib cage shake from holding all the pressure in. but now! now he likes me! and loves jeff something fierce. boy. give that boy a baby!

but don't they all kind of just look like jacob's cousin's on twilight? hashtag team jacob forever.
but really.


  1. I grew up in michigan and i tell you what, it's also the place i feel most like self too. it's kind of the best, and maybe america's best kept secret. those cherries. and lakes!


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