happy birthday to my father!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

(this is what my father explains as the white-man dancing overbite...c l  a s s i c)

a happy birthday to you, dad! (...i am making a big assumption here that you actually read my blog? maybe?) hope you have the absolute best day and stuff yourself silly with a steak dinner + birthday cake. thank you for being such an example to me. you have taught me handful of life lessons that have stuck. like don't use the word literally casually, you are not l i t e r a l l y starving to death. or that patience is a virtue but sometimes at football games when the pack of rowdy fans behind us keep throwing profanities around, snap your head around and tell them to shut their trap. you've taught me how to properly enjoy wheaties (blueberries, lots of 'em), texas sheet cake (covered in milk, of course), and classic rock (windows down, stones up). but most importantly you have taught me to value myself and to find a man that does the same to me -- the love you show to my sweet mom each day set the bar high for my husband (he's meeting it, no need to polish that gun) and mapped out the kind of marriage that i wanted to have.

...that got sappy. well, anyways...happy birthday dad! 


  1. it was my dad's birthday the 3rd as well!! (: yay for our awesomely awesome dads!

  2. What a sweet photo. Hooray for fun Dad's!

    Hailey Devine

  3. This picture is so cute!!
    Dads are the best :D


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