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Saturday, March 30, 2013

sweeping statement!: any time i get my hair done it is a big. freakin'. deal. sweeping statement number dos!: i'm not photogenic. at all. i'm just not! (i'm blaming it on seventeen magazine; there was once an article all about taking the perfect school picture and it said to 'put your tongue behind your teeth and point your nose down' ...i did it and looked like a demon serpent and since then have over-thought every picture ever taken, ever) 

so, the combination of both beget fifteen thousand pictures of my face. different angles, facial expressions, and annoyance levels. all i wanted was to announce to the instagram world that i colored my hair a little bit! and that it might be too light for me, but i'm getting used to it! my confidence hasn't suffered a bit! i am empowered! and also that i am vain! so, so vain! 

here are all my attempts. yeah, it hurts me too.

don't worry, i've already signed up for america's next top model...twice.

p.s. i've always felt that i identified most with chandler. confirmed.


  1. that hair looks so good with your tan (HOLY FREAKIN TAN!) skin. so good.

  2. SO, i totally just did the seventeen magazine pose!! lol


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