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Friday, March 22, 2013

jeff is in class tonight till nine. i would be concerned about the late nights he is putting in at the lab buuuuut he is a computer science major and there isn't a female within five thousand feet of that building. also why would i be jealous? i really only get jealous over food, fast metabolisms, and effortlessly tousled hair. 

anyways, this week and other some some such things (mostly old disneyland pictures)...in pictures! i actually hate when people do these and am guilty of doing it...every...single...uninspiring week. but hey! it snowed today unexpectedly so cut me a break.

holy, dole whip heaven. unfortunately we decided to sit through the entire fifteen minutes of the tiki room. quite a horrifying experience for someone who is scared of birds.


top left: my cousin swindled me into working a wedding with him. it was...l o n g. i've never seen a less enthusiastic cha-cha slide. people were dying. || top right: wedding-time vainness with my jeffrey. || bottom left: the best leftovers you've never even heard of! grilled eggplant and ground turkey bolognese  atop spinach. yum, yum, triple times yum. || bottom right: my kylie girl came to my cousin's wedding in california. pure bliss. 

the cutest wedding decor. 


top left: splash mountain makes me all sorts of anxious. || top right: travel duds. || bottom left: morgan and the beautiful bouquet last night! she posted this picture on instagram with the caption jokingly saying 'always a bridesmaid, never a bride' ...and most everyone took her seriously with uplifting texts and comments. ha. classic peg. || bottom right: my brother-in-law firmly believes that i have some sort of talent in giving a jef holm-esque haircut. what in the? this might be my hidden talent that has been very, very well-hidden for years.

the wonderful world of color. so good.

...and that's a wrap! i'm planning on stuffing my face with sushi tonight while watching episodes of gossip girl because yes, i'm now hooked. 


  1. classic peg. yes. i have honestly never heard anyone else use that besides me. sorta crushin right now....

  2. that dole whip is my disneyland vice.


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