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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

yesterday in a job interview (i got the job! say hello to mrs. stapleton -- elementary school after school reading + math program aide extraordinaire! ...or mrs. stapleton, for short!) i paused and confessed that i actually really hated talking about myself. and i do! i genuinely and thoroughly do. i've always been a second-hand bragger -- i love bragging for people and tend to steal-the-bounce when it comes to exciting moments in life (you get a promotion and are excited...but i am fifteen times more excited for you...you get the point).

...but when it comes to this blog, oh good heavens. let's make it all about me, yeah? i shamelessly post selfies of my self in bathroom mirrors, babble on about the complexities of my monday, and ask serious rhetorical questions about the state of my hair? 

so when rachel emailed me and told me that she nominated me for a liebster award and asked if i'd play along, i jumped at the opportunity. mostly because i am kind of in a blogging rut and almost every blog sitting in my drafts starts and ends with "today i had the worst allergies..." but also because the rules are:

e l e v e n facts? yes. please. allow me. (quick side-thought/story: i think i actually do like talking about myself a bit. i remember in seventh grade, my science class played this get-to-know you game where we passed around toilet paper + the amount of sheets you ripped off determined the amount of facts you had to share about yourself. i was familiar with the game and had played it at girl scout camp years before so i took, like, twenty five sheets. twenty five sheets of pure vanity.)

so, here it goes: 

  1. every night before bed, i write down three things i was grateful for that day. usually they revolve around my eyebrows, my jeffrey, and food. 
  2. if i ever tell you my real name is brooklyn (which i might), i'm lying.
  3. i'm left-handed and a nightmare to eat next to (i have sharp elbows!).
  4. this might seem a bit backwards and heartless, but i like babies and love kids. i like the little firecrackers that don't hand out yes ma'am freely...and don't just sleep all day long. oh, babies. some day i will love 'em more. i just have a high standard for entertainment ;)
  5. ...that said, i have the lowest standards for entertainment. give me some target shopping aisles or a bouncy ball, and i am set. i remember my friend and i once had a who can watch the city hall channel longest? competition and i blew him out of the water. 
  6. i had the ombre before it was cool. i really did! see, look! (...also, i had a bona fide comb over. and those were never cool.)
  7. can't sleep with socks on. just, bleck.
  8. i lose everything but always play it off like, 'yeah, i just can't find it right now. but i know where it is. it's not lost...' 
  9. i have severe a.d.d. with part-time jobs, music, and my outfit for the day.
  10. have you ever been fishing? i live to take hooks out of the fish's mouth -- y'know how you have to grab the bottom lip and it paralyzes them? yes. yes. day made.
  11. my energy in the morning is alarming. my jeffrey was taken aback when we were first married with how fast i can lurch out of bed and start a long, rambling conversation like i've been up for hours. just today i woke up at 5:00 a.m. just for the halibut (get it? it's a fishy joke!)

and more! i guess now i answer the eleven questions that rachel asked? yes? am i doing this right?

  1. gas-station go-to snack? : right now it's a chocolate-covered reeses's egg (the peanut butter-to-chocolate ratio is fantastic!), gum, and a green machine naked juice. mmmm.
  2. movie you never get sick of? : i l o v e the movie elizabethtown (i don't like the tap-dance scene either, okay?).
  3. how would you ideally spend your days off? : at my shack of a cabin floating on hidden lake up in idaho. with my family, a rack of ribs, and the august sun. oh, bliss.
  4. what is your 'chef's special'? oh, bother. i'm really no pro at cooking, so let's just pretend this restaurant was centered around salads, snacks, and smoothies? holy alliteration! i think i'm on to something!
  5. "i wouldn't be caught dead in..." : meh, bedazzled jeans and sparkly uggs just give me the willies.
  6. three things on your bucket list? : birth a child and do whatever i can to make him/her my bestest friend (motherhood will be weird on me?), travel the...world?, and...heavens! just be a super good person? i'm bad at bucket listing.
  7. best/most unique quality? : i'm pretty friendly and can lady-vibe with people fairly easily. 
  8. do you collect anything? : friends? part-time jobs? receipts? 
  9. who would you love to have dinner with? : oh! my jeffrey and i have a mad, collective crush on tina fey. so, her. (plus i feel like she wouldn't judge me for demolishing the bread basket and asking for thirty seven refills on my diet coke)
  10. if you were a fly, on what wall would you perch? : shoot, that would suck.
  11. what's your favorite book? : recently? book of mormon girl (life-changing!) aaaand we were the mulvaneys.

now! my turn to ask the questions and nominate, yeah? you've probably stopped scrolling by now. 
...these are kind of lame but, here goes!: 
  1. what's something that makes you cringe and why? (origin...?)
  2. what's your ideal lady-date?
  3. fictional character you identify most with (think: television)?
  4. how did you entertain yourself at recess? 
  5. favorite meal + restaurant in the history of ever
  6. brag-town: what's your biggest feat...ever?
  7. if you could give yourself five years ago some advice, what would it be?
  8. if you could give someone completely random some advice, what would it be?
  9. what's your favorite habit that you have?
  10. you are having a bad day and need to get out of it: what do you do?
  11. what's your earliest memory?
boo ya! i'm done! 
i nominate: jenna, kylee, maggie, kylie, lilyrachael, melissa, jessica, and...whomever else is in a bit of a blogging rut and wants to join. or, you know, don't. 


  1. Well, I suppose you just killed two birds with one stone Miss Stapleton. I nominated you for the Liebster Award, too.


  2. i'm not usually one for playing along but i'm seriously considering it. guilty of being stuck in the blogging rut.

  3. oh brother i am so seriously in a blogging rut myself. is everyone? i may do this. i may. thank you for the tag nonetheless because, well, i am flattered.

  4. such great questions! Thanks for the tag, gurl. I'll definitely hop on it. :)

  5. oh my gosh, you are hilarious! i was just reading through some of your old posts (not creepy, right?) and i was cracking up the whole time.

    like, if we knew each other i'm fairly certain we'd be friends.

  6. I just spent way too long on your blog. you are hilarious!



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