throwback thursday.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

we took these pictures at jeff's friend's wedding. jeff was a groomsmen and i was there to drool over jeff. i remember looking at them afterwards and being all bummed out -- the lighting was weird, my face was blurry, our foreheads looked like they continued on into we were both oddly sweaty. i blame the mcdonald's we pounded five minutes before.

but now that i look at them, i see how completely lovestruck and giddy we were (are! are! no past tense over here! don't come knockin' when the ship is a'rockin'...or something like that?)( i getting sentimental here?). this was the night before he proposed to me! and as with most things in life, i was completely clueless + had no idea it was happening. that sneaky spy! 

in retrospect, the whole night makes a lot more sense when i think about it as our proposal eve. i remember he was so nervous and would not let me get near his phone. he was so, so vague about our plans for the following night "...umm, we are going to a concert...and yeah!" 

but mostly i remember that he kept giving me this look. like a, "girl, i'm about to wife you up!" type of look. and, let me tell you, i am so, so happy that he did. 

did you read through that all? is anybody stil here? ...that was all very sentimental for a thursday. but, you know these things happen. 


  1. Stop being so adorable, it's too much to handle. Keep up the excellent work Brooke!

  2. So cute!!!! :) I wish I had some decent pictures to remember the night my husband proposed. Or even the eve of the proposal.

  3. I'm tearing up! Ya little lovebirds


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