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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

i am eating twenty three out of twenty four hours of the day. i need + have to be. i eat when i'm bored, i eat when i'm super happy, and i even eat when i'm running (gasp!)(yes, i've choked a few times or two). i'm a grazer. over the years, my budget and taste has changed...and also my metabolism came to a screeching halt..., so my snacks have had to change, too.

...this is all just one long-winded ramble to say that i am the fairy godsnacker! have i built credibility yet? can i cut your hair? onwards! below is a list of my favorite snacks in the universe that will blow your mind and rock your tastebuds...or will suffice on a particularly snacky sunday.

|| cucumber spicy sandwich: cut up a cucumber into small slice...or don't. it's up to you. but for the sake of this snack, cut up the cucumber! then! take two cucumbers and spread laughing cow cheese on one of 'em. grab some lunchmeat and put it in between the two cucumbers. holy balls! explaining this is hard! anyways, add some salt + pepper and, most importantly, a squirt of sriacha on the top. enjoy and think about me! 

|| rice cake hamburger...or something like that...: take a rice cake and make a personal decision to not compare it to cardboard. add low-fat (or full-fat! you do you, girl!) cottage cheese, salt and pepper, tomatoes, ice-burg lettuce, and some avocado. yummy, yummy, yummy. 

|| strawberry + spinach freeze: blend together a handful of frozen strawberries, spinach, + a wee bit of almond milk. oh! and a little spoon of vanilla. the consistency should be thick and...thick. you can freeze it for a bit longer to thicken it up a bit. sometimes i'll take some light cool whip and add it to the top, too. then eat! you can top it with granola or sliced bananas or...cheerios? 

|| pb+j to go!: take a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter + some frozen blueberries and stick it in your mouth. easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. 

|| apple sandwich: i've seen this one popping up all around pinterest and it makes my soul so happy. these are the best! core an apple and cut into little donut-like slices. add peanut butter, small chocolate chips, and granola and top with another apple slice. so, so good.

|| balsamic baby tomatoes: cut up some baby tomatoes, salt + pepper, and balsamic vinegar. then thank me. try with cucumbers, too! 

|| sweet, sweet potato: ha, my names are pathetic. but! i'm a huge fan of sweet potatoes. i eat 'em topped with anything. one of my most favorite toppings are...blueberries! weird, eh? i take blueberries and laughing cow cheese and add them to my sweet potato...and then i do a few fist bumps over the flavor. 

|| one minute apple-pie in a cup: apple pie in a cup?! what a notion! take sugar-free applesauce and put it in a cup...or a bowl. actually, put it in a bowl. microwave for one minute and top with frozen yogurt, light cool-whip, chocolate chips, slivered almonds, get the point.

|| no-need for explanation: beets, tuna fish, and diet coke straight outta the can. 

and now to end this, a picture of me + my friend morgan on a run this afternoon. we mostly wanted to show off the difference in our workout attire (...i look like rocky balboa and she looks fashionably fit; investing in cute workout clothes always pains me...), but also wanted to brag about how we went running. you can clap now.

...are you still clapping? good. 


  1. cheers to super-stalker, too-soon-commenting! but seriously like do you not just ever eat like a handful of mini marshmallows or like a whole bag of salt and vinegar chips? your healthiness fills me with self loathing and guilt.

    1. heck no! i only like cracked pepper chips ;).
      but really, i do lots! especially if it's in front of me. i have NO portion control though and don't have that 'i'm full!' switch so...i just don't buy it. poor jeff.

  2. i am one-handed cheering at the fact that someone else out there in this big world defines themselves as a "grazer"! (my other hand is busy shoving granola & raisins in my mouth. i wish i was kidding. i don't even like raisins?) thanks for the snack suggestions! i can't wait to graze my way through them. munch on, girl!

    1. all. day. long. ha. i don't even know the last time i had a proper dinner? is that bad? and enjoy! :) please tell me how you like them!

  3. wow brooke, these are great! can't wait to try them. how did you come up with some of these combinations? can i mention baby holden likes peas with his pears? and also, i have your same running shoes! (don't you LOVE them?)--and their name (wink)

    1. some of 'em my mom created, others i've seen on pinterest, and most of 'em i just came up out of snacky boredom. ha. and i LOVE the pureflows! i don't think i've ever loved a running shoe more. i had a pair of the original pureflows and then saw they came out with a new one and i had to get 'em. dare i say, they trump the originals by a long shot! so obsessed.

  4. I loveee cucumbers, so that first snack looks delish! Plus, I'm obsessed with the laughing cow cheese, so it's a win win!


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