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Monday, February 25, 2013

|| did i tell you guys about this already? kim mosman is baby hungry. well, grandbaby hungry. she sends me subtle hints all day long. 
texts that read: wouldn't it be fun to have a baby right now? or I WANT LOTS OF GRANDCHILDREN or sometimes brooke, if you had a child right now, your MILF title would be locked + loaded for years to come (just kidding, she never texted me that...but that is a legitimate thought i had while sniffing someone else's baby at work the other day. don't tell me you don't sniff babies at think about milf-hood?). 
on valentine's day, she even deposited money in my account to buy a sexy outfit in exchange for an honest attempt at making her grandchild...oh, how things have changed. and isn't that borderline prostitution? in some twisted, tilt-your-head-and-squint-your-eyes way? oh, kim.

|| last week i went on a gloriously long run. that's right, gloriously long. because i exercise + occasionally enjoy it and that makes me relevant (i feel the need to tell everyone that i exercise because my lady pooch screams 'i am a couch potato!' and also 'i eat a lot of carbohydrates!', there's that). seeing as utah has the most unpredictable weather, i dressed as if i was going to be running through a blizzard...which, at first, i was. thirty minutes later i was dying of heat. i stripped down near a gas station and buried my clothes in the most secretest of spots. i came back an hour later and it was gone! someone stole all my clothes! it was parent trap status except for the fact that i don't have a long lost twin nor was i butt-nacked (or is it buck? no matter). 
...the purpose of that story was 97% to tell you guys that, again, i work(ed) out. nod your head in approval! are you doing it? 

|| morgan + i went to my friend from high school's basketbal game on saturday. she's on the gonzaga team + i love to bring that up whenever i am feeling inadequate. oh, you are studying astro-physics? well my friend plays college basketball. and is black. 
anyways, it was a fairly boring game and then...senior night hit. for some odd reason, morgan + i became emotional messes. it was touching! four years of basketball! passion! devotion! friendship! 

|| i locked my keys in my car on sunday and fell to the ground screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
no seriously, i did.

|| my rad in-laws were in town this past weekend and stayed in a big, fancy cabin in midway. can i claim him as my nephew? i'm going to. anyways, my nephew and i are making loads of progress. when he was first born, i had a terrible cold + had not quite married into the family...and i think i was wearing a low-cut top? in other words, i was losing. i sat in that hospital room and nearly died from holding in all my coughs. so. much. pressure.
but i didn't cough on him this weekend! and i held him for twenty-seven seconds and he didn't squirm away! motherhood is going to look so...something on me.

|| riddle me this: if your significant other was on the bachelor, would you pick 'em? knee-jerk-reaction: YES OF COURSE! but would you really? jeff + i had a deep discussion of this over dinner and decided maybe? i feel like my sarcasm would be highly misleading  + i am kind of too lazy to really fight for love and time at rose ceremonies. plus, hot tubs make me woozy. also i think i would expend most of my energy towards getting camera time + subtly breaking the fourth wall. 

|| i met my sweet cousin jennie for sushi in logan, utah on president's day. she is completely + totally pregnant and i out-ate her by a long shot. so that's cute.

|| I MISS MY FAMILY + i am seeing them in a few weeks...i decided to stop with the capital letters because didn't you feel like i was yelling at you? 

|| i randomly decided to email a friend from high school yesterday + spill my life and adoration for...his girlfriend. it was one of those things that i regretted right after i sent it but hey, some things need airing out. the email was supposed to be light + airy but in the light of was totally creepy. like, real bad. why do i do these things? WHY?!

happy monday, people. 


  1. brooke you are the best.
    also, tell me about your lipstick.
    also, please take my engagement/wedding pictures someday.

    1. you are the kindest! and it's rimmel lasting finish lipstick in 038 in vogue!
      also, yes. yes. yes. yes. i would love to.

  2. i just lol'd hard at the baby sniffing. it's so true.

  3. if i was nominating blogs for their writing, i would nominate yours in a second. for reals though. you have major talent without even trying.


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