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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

balls, guys. is it already february thirteenth? i fear that i have made this joke before on the blog, but i am some sort of a deadbeat dad to this blog. i pop up sporadically, mostly around major nationally recognized holidays, and just pretend like nothing is wrong! i've always been here! two weeks is nuttin' kid, let's go get a snow cone and watch an edgy film that your mother would disapprove of! case you were wondering, my fictional deadbeat dad drives a motorcycle and is a golf instructor. also he cheers too loud at high school games and sometimes, sometimes tries to squeeze himself into the student section. oh, ralph. also, in case you were wondering, i'm essentially describing tim riggins' father. and yes, most of my life experiences do come from television series on netflix.

but it's almost valentines day! and just like a deadbeat dad would do, i am going to come swooping in all charismatic and charming that you will hardly remember that i've been gone for the past two weeks. and shoot, so much has happened. well, sort of.

like! my sister came to town. yes, the hott one. and yes, she's still fourteen. it was a ball. though i felt all sorts of pathetic when she was telling her friend on the way to the airport all the fun stuff that we did;

"we...uh...wandered ikea and looked for wedding dresses at d.i. and...ate a lot of stuff and went to walmart and sonic..."

eh, so maybe i'm not the most exciting person on paper. or in person, but it's no matter. i'm a gracious host and even stocked the fridge for her! ...right, paige?

this all reminds me of my point: i am not that exciting. a few days ago, i read jenna's post about how lame she is and my neck hurts from nodding in agreement (ain't she funniest?). i. am. so. lame. about me sections and get-to-know you games are my enemy. in fact, today at an interview i was asked to 'tell a little about myself' and it went something like this...:

"well, i'm brooke. as you know. from the paper. and umm...i like...biking. well, not really. i like, buying things. anything, really! even groceries. i"

it was painful for the both of us. i just kept nodding to make up for the long silences and at one point we made such intense eye contact i kind of peed myself out of discomfort. needless to say, i was hired immediately and am already employee of the month!

speaking of work, i laced up a man in a prom dress the other day with my lauren-friend. by the end of the appointment, we both had lady-crushes on him and determined that cobalt blue was his power color. life is funny sometimes?

...and that makes me sound all sorts of exciting, right?


  1. we should start a club. all of the members can tune in via skype and discuss the new episodes of popular television shows.

    ps. thanks for the mention! so honored, seeing as you're my unsecret blog crush.


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