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Sunday, January 20, 2013

+ wore my most furriest jacket just to spite jeffrey. the jacket was almost a deal breaker for our relationship when he did the post-first date facebook browse and thought really? when i put it on this morning he gave me the same really? eyes so i gave him the we are sealed for eternity and now i am going to wear this all day long just to irk you! eyes. ...we get each other?

+ described myself as an insane person to my home teachers;'s so funny! i always just have thousands of little voices in my head and i never know which one is mine! they just gave me 'the blank stare' followed by 'the uncomfortable laugh.' (you pretend that human reactions are menu items sometimes too, yeah?)

+  took the longest, drooliest sunday nap.

+ analyzed, reanalyzed, and then analyzed again the group date we went on last night. or was it a date? either way, we brought my morgan-friend and kept making sister wive jokes that weren't getting much of a rise. at least we tried! (also, let it be known, morgan + i were on our a-game. jeff even said so! laughs? but polygamy jokes are funny? and so is bringing your best friend on group dates!)

+ taught sunday school class and kept doing 'the hand gun' at people. the world is my stage, folks!


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