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Thursday, January 31, 2013

my eldest brother is, amongst many things (including an almost-papa to a baby girl! i'm going to spoil that chunk come june!), an anthropology student. he's stuffed full of information + findings about the human race. at dinner this sunday, he told me that there is a new study that found that mommy bloggers are generally happy people because they choose to only share + highlight the highest and happiest moments of their life which 1.) makes them feel like their life really is that high + happy and 2.) gives them something sweet to reflect on months later when they forgot that the disneyland trip really wasn't all that merry.

interesting, no?

so, here's some high's and happy's for me to reflect on come three years when i forget all about the giant slush-puddle i stepped in today or the chronic headache i had for most the day... :

dear brooke three years from now,

please tell me you aren't pregnant? you aren't pregnant, are you? and for the love of pete, what is the state of jef + emily?

onwards. on this day, january 13th, three years ago, you had the most splendid day. let me tell you about it...

in utah, it was a balmy forty degrees. you said to hell! to work (because you say those kinds of things in 2013) and spent your day wandering the aisles of target+ playing in the almost-sun. you are so spontaneous in twenty thirteen! so spontaneous that you don't feel any anxiety at all when your schedule at work magically changes overnight or your sweet husband springs superbowl plans on you. you f l y by the seat of your pants! look at you go! you should highlight your hair, or something.

furthermore, you woke up on time. no wet-haired bun for you! your hair was perfectly coifed, per always, and you weren't wearing black-stretchy pants that you could kind of see-through in direct sunlight. pffft, you would never. also you weren't late like you always are for your job (...that starts at ten a.m...). oh wait, you didn't go to work! who am i kidding?

when you got home from your errands + adventures, dinner was cooked! the dishes were put away! and yes, you did smell dessert. there were no comments about your affinity towards microwave meals + cereal nights(!!). no, there was none of that! rather there was a display of chicken legs + fresh veggies + dinner rolls. what are the likes? there was also a mariachi band but you shooed them away because they kept giving you side-eyes due to your taut physique. that happens a lot in twenty thirteen, particularly from men with vihuelas.

and finally, it was bed time. oh how time flies, when you're having fun! and it's the last day of january, to boot.

hope 2016 is treating you nicely...and that you are not pregnant. p l e a s e say that you are not pregnant.

best of wishes,

brooke of 2013.


  1. woaaaa super SUPER interesting. and how cool is it that mommy bloggers are being included in the science world like that. blogging has truly become a way of life hasn't it?

  2. I reaaaaaaaaally hope your next post is a pregnancy announcement. Just sayin'.

  3. What do you mean you won't be pregnant? Pop me out some grandchildren child!!!!

  4. hahhahaha that baby fever is gonna hit you hard once you see your little niece. just you wait. and the blogging fact is actually fascinating because i have literally wondered if there is a correlation and now i know! yay, for people filled with information!


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