some things on my chest (besides lady lumps, of course)

Monday, January 14, 2013

i took these pictures of my morgan-friend a few weeks ago and...hi morgan!...was looking over them today and thought i'd share. i have the prettiest friends.

here's the thing, these past two weeks have been the stinks. and i never say that! i feel like i am, at my core, an optimist. (especially if the person i am talking to isn't; complain to me and i will bail on you's really a terrible habit i developed by listening to too many country songs about farmers) but i feel like i can have a free pass in saying that it has been the stinks.

i was hit hard (like the rest of utah) with the cold + flu. i blame it on this frigid weather and the fact that i am a firm believer in the five second rule. and also that it's january and january is the pits. i went to bed at FIVE THIRTY one night! or evening? or afternoon, in my vampire sister paige's instance. do you even realize what happens to a person when they go to sleep at five thirty? i woke up at four a.m. completely famished and feeling like i was forty three years old.

...why did i feel like i was forty three? no reason. and why are we still talking about my sleep schedule?

anyways, i am sure you have missed me. things have been pretty quiet over here because, frankly, i had nothing exciting to write about. my good news of the day was that my most favorite water bottle that i had lost at work is back in stock at macey's. oh! and i went to powerpump and didn't clear the back of the room. what is it about squats that makes me so...bubbly?

oh, bother. what am i getting at? ah. yes. my chest and the things on it. ready, go:

+ do people still watch biggest loser? and has there really been fourteen seasons? for some odd reason, that show makes me weep big girl tears. i like to watch it on the treadmill or at work...or really in any situation where you don't want to be crying over jillian michaels screaming that she wants to create fire breathing dragons and people fainting on treadmills. but good riddance, that show is touching! or is it just their soundtrack? they always play pink's singles at the exact right moment.

+ ...i have been trying out this whole paleo lifestyle for the past two weeks. why the italics? because whenever i bring it up, i say it in this really self-righteous voice that makes jeff stapleton's eyes roll five times over. but i must be strong! no...sugar... ( front of jeff; i made him drag me to the grocery store and snuck free samples of donut holes. i have a pride problem, i know)

+ i finished book of mormon girl last night and i feel so fed. i feel like the author articulated everything i have been feeling and thinking in ways that i never could have. i feel like she put her arm around me and said 'hey, you big weird! you are okay for having your opinions and doubts and occasional bouts with resisting from stringing together curse words. and you are loved through it all.'
did we just get too deep there? perhaps. so...something light...

+ the bachelor! can we talk about the bachelor? i am all about it this season. first off, sean is looking less pink which is all sorts of a relief. just hope that they don't go on a caribbean date because that boy does not tan pretty. also i love the bridal consultant. what's her name? and has anyone else noticed kacie b's side-eye glances during the cocktail party? oh, kacie b. she's so wise.

+ oh! speaking of! i got a new job! well, another one. i needed an outlet, you know? anyways, i'm a bridal consultant at a bridal store. that less party was terribly redundant, but these things happen. it's like say yes to the dress every saturday! except with smaller budgets and less excitement when i awkwardly mumble "so...are you saying yes to this dress?" ...doesn't anyone watch tlc?!

+ and finally: i want to blog more. i really do! no one will mind if this blog becomes more of a quantity over quality type of thing sometimes, yeah? or maybe i should just do more exciting things? it'll be a give and take.


  1. I was so excited when I saw this post!! What bridal store do you work at?

    1. lauren james! it's the new one by yogurtland (both a blessing and a curse!)

  2. Oh fun!! That's where my roomie got her dress! I'm kinda jealous of that job. And forreals froyo is dangerous


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