ALMOST romantic.

Monday, January 21, 2013

this evening after work, i curled my hair, put on four layers of mascara, and outright demanded a steamy date night. our groupon to mt. fuji sushi bar was expiring, after all! and i had FOUR layers of mascara on! four layers of mascara is not just meant for sitting around the house, you know.

and, oh. was it steamy. jeff + i made intimate conversation and played footsie under the table as we sat...and sat...and sat waiting for the waitress to take our order (she made up for forgetting us with a free bowl of edamame. these things happen). it was downright romantic!

...and then it was all ruined when i said i had to make a quick stop at walmart on the way home to buy cloth waxing strips to take care of my lady stache. 

married people dates are a funny thing...


  1. TELL ME WHAT CLOTH WAXING STRIPS YOU USE. please. please please.

    also you're blogging so much and it is making january so much better.

    1. you are the saaah-weetest. and i use non-woven waxing strips. whichever are the cheapest, really. i normally buy mine at beauty supply stores but always scour walmart to see if they have any deals.

  2. Omg this kills me because it is is frighteningly true... Happens to the most romantic couples out there tampons waxing strips... You name it is a must have, even after a hot date. SO funny.

  3. This is very much the truth. Amen to all of it.

  4. ha hah ha your final statement was spot on.


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