our little christmas card...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

can we talk about how there are only two weeks till christmas? two weeks! that's like, two thursdays! or the time it took me to burn through all seven seasons of how i met your mother...but that's besides the point. dreams of days without any obligations and  homecooked meals is really what is getting me through this l o n g week of finals...which i am truthfully not too terribly stressed out for? is that so bad?

anyways, in the midst of it all, my cousin ryne + i (and jeff! isn't his scruff the best? it's the best) made a little virtual christmas card of sorts. it only seems appropriate to post it two weeks early, right?

p.s. if anyone wants a video like this done, we are doing them on the cheap! they are such a fun little thing to have, right? and please love that it says featuring simply brooke as much as i do? i feel like a famous rapper or something! ha.


  1. this made me smile.

    BROOKE you are so photogenic. the camera loves you.


  2. girl, this is all kinds of cute. y'all make a beautiful couple!

  3. aaawww... that was so cute! so clever! :)

  4. i can no longer handle how cute you guys are.

  5. SO CUTE!! Great idea! I need to do this with my little gals! Love you guys! And hang in there, you're almost done!


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