it's christmastime in the cit(aaaa)y!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

the lights at temple square are kind of something you have to do if you live in utah county. you know? it's an obligation, almost, like carving a pumpkin at halloween or getting married at a stupidly young age. joking! joking! you don't have to carve a pumpkin!

onwards! pressing onwards! we drove down to salt lake and pushed around the crowds at temple square and gawked over the lights and setup. have you been? there's like, twenty billion lights per tree! and then after gawking we were like crap, now what? so we did another round and then spied on a double date that only 1/2 the party was enjoying at the capital. also the kid was wearing an all white ensemble which elicited the question, did he just get finished with karate or was he just barely baptized? because i truly can't tell? 

i fear this is getting boring. which, in retrospect, it kind of was. but in the best of ways. 

also we went to a spinning class saturday morning. jeff one time took me on a date to stuff our faces with five guys burgers followed by lap other words, he took me on the worst date for someone who can hardly swim (i blame my mother for ripping me out of swim lessons-- i could have been more than a minnow, mom!) so today i made him come swimming with me to make up for it. it made sense in my mind? 

our teacher was the crem de la crazy. she was one of those super-fit can't trust 'em! she kept screaming into the microphone and you really couldn't make out a word she was saying. whenever she said set it sounded like sex so that was fun? ("this is the best sex ever!") also we are 97% sure she said something about protecting your taco? 

...and that's saturday!


  1. You're hilarious! Also these photos are way cool. I'm a fan.

  2. um BROOKE, you are too pretty. you shine. quite literally in these pictures. i love them.

  3. i hate that you were in salt lake and i didn't get to run into you.

  4. Beautiful lights and darling couple. But, Jeff looks confused. HA HA HA!

  5. in regards to the boy in all white everything: he could have been a member of the backstreet boys circa the millennium album. just a thought.

  6. it only makes sense. crossing my fingers it was nick.

  7. Your blog is absolutely adorable, girl! Missing Salt Lake City right now, especially Temple Square with all the lights :)
    xo TJ

  8. these pictures are amazing, and i think karate suit. i mean, if i did karate i'd wear mine every day.

  9. omg i laughed right out loud at: " getting married at a stupidly young age" dude.. been there did that ;) and these pictures are sooooo pretty of downtown. makes we want to go right now.. and its 12:18 am! just for that comment about getting married in utah i am a new follower! you're funny.



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