and a happy birthday to me!

Monday, December 10, 2012

three minutes into my twentieth year i waxed a bit too much off my eyebrow and cursed into the mirror. my eyebrows are one of my prized possession, you know. we have been through a lot together, me and them; they've been too thick and then too thin and then way too thin that one time i plucked my eyebrows while talking on the phone and one time my left one up and fell off when i crashed my bike and cracked my head open. but finally,  finally they were perfect. up until three minutes into my twentieth year, that is. 

but hey, i'm kind of growing to like it? sort of? and i feel like it all might be one grand metaphor for my life. sometimes i make quick decisions that make me go "oh #*$#!" and then i later i'm like "hey! i kind of like this eyebrow that is half missing and makes me look like i am always suspicious of something!" 

...on second thought, i think it was just a really bad wax job. 

and did i mention i'm twenty now? it was really quite convenient, my mom, grandma + paige were in town during my birthday weekend and spoiled me sufficiently. like, two separate drinks at ikea type of spoiling (one at the beginning, one at the end...le duh!). my mom also threw me a quick little surprise party which nearly every guest was late for. in fact, all but two showed up thirty minutes later which made me all sorts of confused...hi lindsay...why are you in my mom's hotel room? 

in other words, it was the best twentieth birthday yet; full of love, soda, and chocolate chip pancakes (with peanut butter on top!). thanks to everyone who helped me transition into adulthood (no longer a teen! say what!) and who has put up for me for some or all of these twenty years (...and i'm really sorry about my third, tenth, and fifteenth year. rough patches are real). 


  1. So glad you had a wonderful birthday, bad wax job and all! Sure do love you!


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