cheers to the girl with the hamburger, cheers!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

here's the thing, i rarely have bad days. basically almost never! like, i'll have a spout of bad hours one day but then someone will compliment my hair and i'm like what bad test score? you know? but when i do...oh boy, i really do. i feel like the bad-day brigade just sit back for weeks at a time, letting me go about my life happy-go-lucky, and then blam! all at once they lay it on me! it's like me eating donut holes. you've already had three, what's another dozen?

you know? (i've never been one for metaphors)(similes?)

and i'm really good at bad days. i've perfected the deep sigh and slouched walk and disheveled hair. because if you're having a bad day your hair is obviously disheveled, obviously.

today i woke up early to go running and four miles into it desperately had to go. like, go-go (wake me up!). i found a patch of trees and went and...didn't have toilet paper? and really need it? i waddled back the rest of the way to my car and gave myself a few thousand face-palms for eating such a high fiber breakfast. oh, by the way, did i tell you i went running this morning? (hush, it's my blog so i can brag!)

then i went to my test review and when exactly did we learn this? were they having some secret classes without me? oh! i also forgot my notebook and decided i positively hate my major. i know, right? face palm! (if you saw my tweet, yes, i did in fact google the top five easiest college majors...finals week is killer, guys) also, while i'm here, i had a chronic stomach ache the whole day.

but stay with me here? i'll stop complaining soon?

i decided to try my hardest to put a stop to my bad day. i took a shower and got re-ready for the day ( was 7:30 p.m. but heck, it was my way of saying 'dear universe, i haven't given up. i'm just starting over! like my new shampoo?'), making sure to put on extra bronzer and three swipes of mascara like any dignified women would do, and headed to the place i knew someone was bound to be having a worse day than me: walmart.

why does walmart get such a bad wrap? i like walmart! but that's besides the point...

i wandered around aimlessly and picked up a beanie, spray paint, and a few thousand shirts. when i'm having a bad day, i get really shoppy. and snacky. and i'm not picky either! a tweetie bird shirt on sale? sure! new bowls? why not.'s really quite dangerous.

i wound up dumping most of it and opted for a diet coke instead (my second large helping of the judgement here!). i sat in my car for a while and cranked up the heat...just riding this bad day out and really letting it soak. i thought about all the bad haircuts i ever had in my life and stubbed toes. why not, right?

then! then i noticed a girl sitting in her car directly in front of me. she looked...sullen (but so cute! how do people do that? my long face really prohibits me from making a cute sad-face...). we made eye contact and she slowly brought a hamburger to her lips and took a bite. our eyes remained locked as i fumbled for my diet coke and took a swig.

cheers to a better tomorrow, hamburger girl! cheers.


  1. hahaha. i'm sorry you had a bad day! you are the best kind of a person to have a bad day around, though.. SO funny. Cheers to a better day!

  2. You have to have these kind of days to fully appreciate the good ones! See you in seven hours child...let's make this a great day, weekend and birthday!!!!


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