...and i'm back!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

and i'm back! in provo and on the internet! here's the thing about blogging at home: it's awkward. when three out of the whopping four people who read your blog are under the same roof with you, every thing i was attempting to write seemed a little...bland.

here's an example: on christmas day, my family piled into multiple cars and made the windy drive down the lewiston grade and up to ihop. i sat braless (...true...) and wolfed down five huckleberry pancakes while the waiter serenaded us with her 'i don't want to be working right now' huffs and puffs timed perfectly to jingle bells (...lie...).

now, as fun and silly as that story was, it is mostly true. i did sit braless in ihop (and blended in quite well; ihop on christmas day in lewiston, idaho is almost as depressing as the gym on a late friday night)(...i would know this because i've been to the gym on a late friday night and pumped out a few half-hearted miles on the elliptical with all the other dejected and dateless) but the waiter did not time her huffs and puffs to jingle bells. and i didn't eat huckleberry pancakes, for that matter. and my family would know that when they read it because they were there. you see? i would have to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in my posts...and how fun is that?

in other news, merry christmas! we spent ours in idaho where jeff was sort of baptized by fire into the whole white christmas thing. and the whole christmas-at-the-mosman's thing, too. food coma, unwavering traditions, and...food coma pt. II. my sister mckenzie uses the term tradition l o o s e l y. every move we make on christmas day is automatically deemed a tradition that will be carried on into the eternities. like eating pancakes, taking a nap, and getting the mail. it's really quite the event and i'm so happy jeff was subjected to it. christmas with a bearded companion is like, one hundred times better.

...and now i collapse into a pile of unfolded clothes and a growling stomach because our fridge is hopelessly and gloriously empty (...lie; but whose going to call me out on this one? blogging under a different roof gives me far less fact-checking anxiety ;). can i just say thirteen more times that the drive from moscow to provo is killer? twelve. whole. hours.

and to all, a good night.

p.s. i'm going to say this tomorrow but i am real, real excited about 2013! i have some great things to share (that does not involve anything near or around my uterus, you crazies)!


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