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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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a little catch-up on my march :

1. paige came to visit.
2. shot a butt-load of engagements + a wedding.
3. complained about how busy i felt.
4. complained about how bored i was.
5. had a slight nervous breakdown on a little caesar's bench. hahahahah.
6. self-medicated with diet coke, chocolate, tanning + 35 phone calls to my mom.
    also sleep.
7. spent time with my mom + grandma at her swanky new retirement home.
8. went to logan/vegas/st. george.
9. started unbreakable kimmy schimdt + broad city.
10. ...quoted broad city ad naseum. YAS KWEEN!
11. walked a pug.
12. hopelessly underdressed for everything.
13. tried the master cleanse for 4 hours.
14. discovered GIFS + now don't actually use real words while texting.
15. mourned zayn malik. i don't care if you don't care. I CARE.
16. debated chopping my hair off/going blonder/getting extensions/bangs then
      realized i was at no place to make major hair decisions.
17. stood in front of my closet for a cumulative 7 hours trying to figure out what to wear.
      spring. you have me stumped.
18. got stoop-id with jeff. we love our stoop. jeff has a folding chair + it's so, wonderfully
      white trash.
19. resolved to get a pedicure.
20. ate dinner with my favorite bentley family. cabbage + corned beef, you bet.

ready for you, april.
peace, love, ponytails.
xoxo BROOKE.

(i wish i signed off all the time.)


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