Monday, March 30, 2015

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i am terrible at remembering dates.
seriously. i only remember jeff's birthday because it is one month + a day before mine + frantically search for our wedding date any time i'm asked (...is it august 3rd or 4th?). BUT! miraculously i remembered our engage-a-versary this year + even more miraculously scored jazz tickets for that night (thank you kenna. you come with all the perks.). THUS : engage-a-versary!

most fittingly, we stuffed our faces with burgers + fries + diet coke + then waddled our way into the jazz game where i spent most my time suggesting ways to up the players' appearances (more facial hair! tribal tattoo! fade!). i think the jazz won? i promise i love sports. truly.

anyways, happy engage-a-versary three weeks later, jeffrey! so happy you popped the question. and asked my dad for permission. that had me sweating.

i've been to TWO nba games in one month + i feel like freakin' beyonce.
(...or have a wonderfully gracious almost sis-in-law)

i candidly told jeff before we got married that i had like, virutally no perks. besides an especially wonderful family + knowledge of all things idaho/celebrity gossip/real housewives. also i kill at the star performer section of cranium. that counts for something, right?


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