Sunday, March 1, 2015

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This weekend felt like it zipped by. Actually, this whole month felt like it zipped by. IT IS MARCH. Also the dress is blue + black. But let's keep moving.

On Saturday we went + watched my friend Chelsea's game. She plays for Gonzaga + they were playing against BYU. I came equipped with a box full of Swig cookies + a fifteen Book of Mormons. Just kidding about that last part ;). WOMEN'S BASKETBALL OR BUST! 

Sadly these are the best photos we got. HA.
I look way in love with Chels. It's fine.
Speaking of in love with Chels, story : after the game, we were chatting + this BYU fan 
was lingering around us + finally he came up to Chels and started thanking her for coming 
to BYU + telling her how great she was. It was weird but I was like, okay. This dude is hitting on her.
THEN! He's like, hey! Here's my wife! Ha. It was so funny. Also he gave me a handshake
+ gave Chels a fist bump. Interesting observations. 

INDIA PALACE!! This is the cutest restaurant in Provo. The owner is so sweet + 
the food is even better. I just want to smell like curry all the time + I know that's not normal.

Jeff is cute. 
We made chili verde + then added radishes, bean sprouts, cilantro, and avocado to the top.
Random, but so yummy. 
ALSO : you should watch Chef on Netflix. It will make you want to cook + eat cuban sandwiches + beignets.

I subbed on Friday. Is it weird that I debate being a career sub? Ha. Just kidding. I know it's like,
the least impressive job ever but it can be so fun (operative word : can. One time I subbed an orchestra class + just sat in the back wanting to slowly wilt away). I am now realizing that I thrive when I can be the good cop. Early lunch? SURE! Phones in class? WHY NOT! JUST LOVE ME, OKAY?

+ finally : Avery got engaged! I am so happy. 
Also she has fantastic nail beds + these are the things you notice
when your nails look like you're an anxiety-ridden 12 year old boy. 



  1. That ring stack is perfect. Also, I would totally smell like curry all the time. No shame.


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