ACHOOOOO! // when paige came to visit.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

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spring is my favorite time of year. right now. but i always forget just how bitter-sweet it is.
the allergies. oh! the! allergies! i feel like i am gorging myself with off-brand allergy medicine (i can't afford the real stuff, ballin' on a budget here) + dayquil + eye drops + medicated chapstick + kleenexes. also with costco fruit snacks, but that is besides the point.

anyways, happier things + times.

my sister came to town last week (two weeks ago?) for her spring break + it was a breath of fresh air.
we watched seasons of dance moms (don't miss with the zeigler dynasty), drank insane amounts of diet coke + had a sugar cookie chaser after every. single. meal.

we went to vegas + complained about the crowds of people. SO MANY PEOPLE. where are you all going? why aren't we more organized here? what are you wearing?! we spat out jerry seinfeld-esque complaints the entire time. also we snuck into a fancy pants hotel's pool using my mom's old room key. KIM IS SMART. all caps. the people watching there was prime + i still have so many follow-up questions (there was this average looking man there who had FLOCKS of women fawning over him. i concluded he was a drummer? of some sort? for some band?)(speaking of bands, r.i.p. zayn. womp womp.)

recommendations, because you asked (...not) : lotus siam + braddah's island style. both of the strip. HOLLAH!

onwards. we then went to st. george which felt like a quiet, peaceful heaven where we did exactly what we do in provo except in warmer temperatures. ha. we drove through the swig drive through multiple times, pounded chick fil a (sugar free lemonade is MY JAM) + cringed over chris soules' dancing. just stop, chris. just stop.

...and then we drove home. aren't you loving this play by play?
while in the utah valley, we ate A TON + visited my grandma + cousin...and watched A LOT of dance moms. did i already say that? #abbyleeforpresident2016

also HI! we celebrated paige's birthday. i loved that i was able to semi-spoil her. her requests : donuts, french toast sticks, sonic, sodalicious, oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, IKEA (WHAT!!!!!), shopping + cheesecake factory. like a true 35 year old woman. yay for birthdays! yay for paige! 

(p.s. i know i've said this before, but i wish you all could have a paige. she's smart as a whip, funny as hail + eaaaaaasy to be around. she left me with a better music library + a feeling that everything is going to be JUST FINE. also with intentions to cut out sugar forever. hahaha. this is one long cheesy way of saying i love my peep.)

...paige, come back! 


  1. I absolutely love your posts. I feel like you're talking directly to me every time, and can see your bubbly personality straight through your writing. It's wonderful!


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