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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

that is all.

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this was taken on saturday up in logan! we had a pseudo-family reunion/cousin gathering + played on a red neck waterslide until it was dark. well, to be fair, i totally wimped out + stayed in my sweats the whole time + mooched sandwiches, pizza, and red vines off everyone. EVERY PARTY NEEDS A POOPER, okay? 

it was so fun. jeff always comments how much i hit the cousin jackpot + i'm just like, I KNOW, RIGHT?!?! i actually LIKE all of 'em. not just 'you're family so i have to endure you + i guess i love you?" type like but LIKE like. like, i'd want them all as my friends even if we weren't related. 

mushy gushy, mushy gush. 


  1. We really did hit the cousin jackpot! Most people don't like or don't know their cousins and we even love our waaaaay extended cousins. Love those Stellmons! So glad you guys came to this. Next year it won't be cold and you won't have just run a MARATHON!!! Love you!!!!


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