our first date.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

my first date with jeff stapleton was to a basketball game + grocery store. in retrospect, this date screams jeff stapleton : resourceful, simple, breezy, charming. and craftily cheap, that too. i used my sports pass to get in + the ice cream cone cost a mere fifty cents. he almost made me share him with him, which was like dude. they're fifty cents? + also sharing dairy products is nasty

he dropped me off shockingly early + white knuckled the steering wheel as he bid me adieu. i was confused. he texted me fifteen minutes later + said it was the best date ever, exclamation point. i was more confused.

then, poof! we were married. 


  1. hahahah! love this! I love that he wanted to share a cone on the first date! ha! brave guy!

  2. ok this is hilarious. you're blog is adorable and so funny. consider yourself having a new stalker friend!

  3. Love this & love how craftily cheap he was - much like my husband, though not on our first date. (he pulled out ALL the stops on the first date, silly guy)


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