an ode to golden grahams, because tuesday.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

jeff brought home golden grahams a few days ago.
let it be known, 
i've never met a cereal that i don't instantly want to kiss on the face -- 
the sugar! the grains! the cold splash of milk!
but golden grahams, 
oh golden grahams,
my self-control shrivels in their presence.
they are the 'light to my bug' + fill me with 'love sprinkles'
as catherine would say (did anyone else find their vows a little too...gooey?)

this week has been a blur. i can't differentiate between the times that i stopped eating 'em + started. i feel like there hasn't been a time in the past ninety six hours that i haven't been bring a spoon full of that golden graham goodness to my mouth. may my womanly curves forever rest in peace. 

but golden grahams,
oh golden grahams! 


  1. I feel ya on this. I ate three bowls of cocoa pebbles for dinner and loved every moment.


  2. Golden Grahams are my favorite! And lucky for me, my husband doesn't even eat them, so I get whole boxes to myself.

    They make a delicious rice crispy treat hybrid as well!

  3. Help me - I can't stop reading and commenting on your cute blog posts! AHHH Golden Grahams why must you tempt me so??? (I'm on a diet. The End.)


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